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Bad Luck Cadet and Bad Luck Officer
Suzie Ivy

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Get to know more about the Bad Luck Cadet and Bad Luck Officer in this interview with the author, Suzie Ivy.


Book Review - Bad Luck Cadet and Bad Luck Officer

Book cover of Bad Luck Cadet and Officer


A humorous memoir at its best, Bad Luck Cadet & Bad Luck Officer tells the story of Suzie Ivy and how her midlife crisis turned into the realization of her lifelong dream of becoming a police officer. All at the age of 45. I stumbled upon this in Book Club Reading List. This is a two-book bundle that may or may not be complimentary to each other.


Bad Luck Cadet

The first book, Bad Luck Cadet, details the start of everything—from the main protagonist’s hip injury and depression to that fateful day when she saw the ad on a drugstore bulletin board. Right then and there, she is determined to be Police Officer Ivy by hook or by crook...